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What are Martial Arts?


Martial arts in Chinese is Wushu. Wushi was created and developed for a form of self defense and survival. Martial arts includes training of physical ability, health, and will power. Martial arts gives an individual a good way to exercise a personal art form, and it is a competitive sport. Most martial training includes kicking, punching, throwing, controlling, hitting, and thrusting. These are used during defense strategies offense, retreat, mobility and immobility, speed and slowness, hard or soft postures, emptiness and fullness with or without weapons.
Martial arts will help an individual to know how to defend themselves using different methods. There are also internal and external body training methods to strengthen the body to withstand strikes and blows.

Wushu was the historical term for “Wu-Yi” which also means martial arts. Martial art is another form of cardiovascular fitness. It uses a lot of energy and strength to do martial arts, and not to mention a lot of practice. Martial arts also needs and uses recent advances in sport medicine, and nutrition.

Other people who want to learn martial arts is because of health reasons. There are three different styles of martial arts and they are, soft style, medium style, and hard style.

Martial arts will help you get in shape and stay in shape or you can also do it for fun. You will get to do the stuff you always wanted to do when you were a kid, which is to sweat, kick, and punch until you think you're at your limit.

Martial arts will help you with fat loss, toning your body, and it is a stress reliever, it will give you flexibility, and self confidence. It will give you other variety of different stretches and it will show you how to be safe when you are alone.

If you have a child who is being bullied in school and you want to do something to help your child. Give your child martial arts classes so that he can defend himself. Most kids who can not defend themselves feel that they have to go to that one bully and beat them up because they want him to stop bothering him, well, martial arts will show your child self defense moves and they will teach him not to use physical violence to deal with the problem. Show your child that there is something out there that can help him besides using foul language and physical violence to handle a problem.





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