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How to Gain Muscle


To gain muscle you need to have a high calorie diet. You must keep in mind that while doing the high calorie diet you are going to put your body into a shock. The one thing you should remember is to eat just enough calories to let your body to build more muscle, but do not eat so much calorie that you gain a large amount of body fat. If you do not eat right while doing your weight training you should know that you will loss muscle tissue. To eat right you should have a high protein diet, not a high carbohydrate diet. To gain muscle you should eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, if you do not eat the protein then you will not gain any muscle.

If you want to gain muscle then you should know that by eating three meals per day like normal is not going to cut it. The three meals a day will not provide your body with the constant flow of nutrition and energy for it to build muscle. You should eat about 6 meals a day and take supplements to help you gain the muscle you want. Remember, the supplements are not going to build the muscle for you, your diet and weight training is going to help you build the muscles.

The correct way to gain muscle is not only by the high protein diet, you should also know how to use the weights correctly. You should use free weights, and lift heavy and challenging weights. By doing this you are focusing on your largest amount of muscle fiber. Free weights are good because they allow you to strengthen your smaller and weaker muscles. Because your smaller muscles that support you are weak, your large muscles will not grow. So you first have to start off with training your smaller and weaker muscles first.

One thing you should know about gaining muscle is that you will not gain any more muscle by working. The less you work out the better it will be for you and your muscles. Your muscles needs rest and food to grow because your muscles need time to recuperate. If you do not allow your muscles to rest and recuperate then you are going to become more pron to injuries from over training and you might possibly lose muscle instead.





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